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Mandy Loots - South African and 2000 Olympic swimmer

I use the KMI spray vitamins and herbs. I use the performance range of sports sprays which loads your system before hand, enables you to go that extra mile and also shortens the recovery period.

When I compete I use the B 12 spray which keeps me mentally sharp. I also use the vitamin C +ZINC spray when travelling, which strengthens my immune system and helps me to fight colds and flu. The EXO spray also goes with me in case I have sinus problems. As a foundation I use the Adult Multiple and Colloidal Minerals to supplement my diet and provide optimum health. Lastly KMI also supplies an excellent Carbo drink.

Sibongile Mbatha - Madadeni, Newcastle

After reading an advert, I phoned the number provided. It was explained to me how KMI sprays work. As a cancer volunteer, I have watched helplessly when some patients cannot keep anything in their stomachs, not even water, let alone pills and medicines. When it was explained to me that sprays are also absorbed in the mouth, within seconds, I jumped with joy! Here is something that does not need the stomach at long last! I immediately joined without any push from anyone, so as to help clients.
NOTE : Cancer patients must carry on with their doctor's treatment, i.e. operation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.  Vitamist will not cure or treat cancer.


Chris Hattingh

I used to constantly be on antibiotics (sometimes twice a month) About a month after the Echinacea + G was launched I started getting sick (fever, headache - the usual cold and flu symptons).  At about 10:00am I was on my way back from a meeting to go home and get into bed. I stopped off at KMI and bought myself the Echinacea + G and the C + Zinc and started spraying like mad. By lunchtime I did not even have the urge to get into bed at all, the symptons were gone!

KMI Head Office was on my work route where I used to see the signage on the building, reading "Spray Vitamins". Curiosity got the better of me, so I decided to check them out one afternoon. On the 26th of October 1998 my life changed forever when I signed the application form to join the company.

On the 1st April 1999 I decided to join KMI full-time as the money I was earning from KMI on a Part-time basis was more than my permanent salary. In under a year with KMI full-time, my highest cheque for one month was R27 000. My goal was to buy myself a BMW and a townhouse for my 25th birthday, which I did, but I have already sold my townhouse. I now have bought my own penthouse in the adjoining complex. The day that I joined KMI, I said to myself that NOTHING AND NOBODY is going to stop me, and I have stuck by those words ever since. "If you believe you can, you can" I would like to show each and every person who has joined KMI how to do the same.

Herklaas Meyer

I may be age wise not so young, but life has taught me some important things.

Where do I come from - Oudtshoorn - did you notice that the ostriches have started flying - I joined the Police, studied, did an Honours degree in Strategic Studies at the University of the Free State and after a career of 33 years, I retired as a Chief Director, Head of the Information Systems, that is the Information Technology Department of the Police and at the same time held the rank of Major - General. I had a fantastic career and will follow the same footsteps, should I have to choose again. Unfortunately with all this wisdom and experience - I missed out on one of the most important aspects of planning my own future - a plan 'B'. Six years ago I did not realize that I needed a plan 'B', because within two months after I had retired, I got a fantastic offer to consult for an American IT company and everything was moonshine and roses, including several overseas trips.

Has anyone experienced that this phenomenon of moonshine and roses last forever? It does not. This US Company decided for various reasons to disinvest in 1999. Where did it leave me - out in the cold, and guess what, again without a plan 'B'.

Can you imagine what is the psychological result when you are still an able bodied intellectual and physical fit individual and the carpet is pulled from under your feet. You realize that a plan 'B' is an absolute necessity in life. It does not matter how secure your living environment may be - plan ahead.

At that stage, when I was more or less in a vacuum, Dr Quentin van Oudtshoorn phoned me and asked me whether I would be interested in a business opportunity. Guess what was my answer?

I believe that when a door closes in front of you, the Good Lord opens different windows. You however, must be prepared to grab the opportunity. I did and I can assure you that KMI did provide several solutions for me.

What are these solutions?

KMI offers an excellent Plan A, but for those people who are still involved in their Plan 'A', you will have difficulty in finding a better Plan 'B', especially in creating a residual income.
KMI creates the opportunity to be actively involved with people - a psychological cure for monotony and boredom - there is no age restriction.
KarMor invites you to make peace with the Receiver of Revenue. He is prepared to pay your expenses, provided that you are prepared to grab the opportunity. Imagine that a repayment of R120.00 increased to almost R2 700.00 after nine months with KarMor - that is what my daughter, have received. I cannot make public what this gentleman, the Receiver of Revenue, did for me in the past year, but I can assure you it is substantial.
KarMor offers an easy implemental business opportunity that is supported by an effective structure in a most user-friendly environment.
KarMor Spray Vitamins enabled me to bypass my doctor's surgery for two years, having spent almost R10 000,00 during 1999 on treatment for colds and flu. C+Zinc and Echenacea took care of the flu. But, that's not all; Arthiflex manages the arthritis and ensures that I miss that pain bank, whilst the B12 keeps me going on the tennis court and golf course.
In Conclusion - Life in South Africa will become increasingly more challenging. KareMor offered me that opportunity to cope, be involved with people, create a residual income, rely on the Receiver of Revenue's support and enjoy what I am doing.

Johan Smith

My family and I used vitamin tablets for the last 15 years. Only after changing to spray vitamins and herbs we all experienced tremendous relief within seven days with conditions like constipation, heartburn, stress and lack of energy.
I have been suffering from high blood pressure for the last ten years and had fantastic results controlling this condition with the Blue Green Sea Spray. These products really have changed my family and my life for good.
I was approached in January 1999, with the KMI opportunity but because of preconceived ideas that I had about the industry I turned the opportunity down. My sponsors however never gave up and kept on phoning me for 2 months. After having a one to one discussion about this fantastic business opportunity and unique product range, I started with KMI in April 1999.
I have been running my KMI business on a part time basis because I also have 2 other businesses. The outcome exceeded my greatest expectations and 5 months later reached Emerald executive earning a cheque of R8500 for the month. Since then I have not ever looked back and still on a part time basis, I have reached the level of Crown Executive, the second person outside of America to reach this level. I am forever grateful for the KMI opportunity changing my life for the better.

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